Improving Service Awareness and Excellence Quotient

We are positioned to reduce human capital skill deficiency in the country by carving a career niche and equipping more young graduates with skills that are relevant to the reality of the dictates and needs of the Nigerian Small Medium Scale Enterprise.

Why EleanorThompson Works

Eleanor Thompson is a company that is dedicated to teaching soft skill sets that reinforces Good Character, Habits and Thoughts.

Our aim is to

  • Breed a new cadre of people who through our courses, will master the Exceptional value Excellence has on Personal, Business and Economic Growth, Service, Leadership and productivity
  • Groom disciplined, highly skilled and marketable workforce.
  • Develop individuals with a heightened consciousness for Service and problem solving.
  • Improve trainees ability to think outside the box
  • Raise a generation of individuals of exemplary character that will potentially transform any sector.


We Differentiate Your Experience and Engage Every Student.

Experts have trained them in their field of expertise who have served in their capacity as heads of their various departments with a minimum of 10- 20 years of experience in that field.


Secure Jobs While Providing Exceptional Services For Growing Businesses

We are creating a portfolio that would help young graduates build their skill capacity and professionalize the skill set that is required by the SME in Nigeria.

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