Business Lite

The Business Lite Experience

The EleanorThompson Business Lite is a core business session that focuses on arming business owners, entrepreneurs, sole operators and start ups with well crafted 2-hour sessions that produce direct impact to their businesses.

It strips down the challenges of running a business into usable packets, provides answers to crunching operational questions with interactive sessions that are straight to the gut and functional.

EleanorThompson convenes the Business Lite session on the last week of every month to help SMEs, SMOs and Entrepreneurs turn their business journey into a progressive and definitive experience.

February Edition

Most businesses lose out on the great opportunities that abound in the market place because of structural flaws with how they render their services.

The month of November will focus on the theme: “Learn to Identify the Service Gaps within Your Industry: Create 300% Profit in Your Business”. Indeed, every business can reposition for more profit when it refines the service provision process.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

What To Expect

At an ETBL Seminar

Engaging Training Session


Interactive Breakout Exercises

Build New Business Networks

Past #ETBL Events

The September edition of the EleanorThompson Business Lite event hosted curious entrepreneurs on “How To Position Your Business for Investment: Moving Yourself Forward!”

Divided into a 3-tier experience, the attendees got an opportunity to network and connect with potential partners. Entrepreneurs and sole operators discovered meeting points for their businesses to improve reach and effectiveness by leveraging on the services that the others provided.

Furthermore, attendees learned how to start a business and position for funding through a simulated team-work exercise. Based on a script, the teams each crafted a Product and a Service based startup and discussed investment opportunities.

The final experience involved a teaching session that unraveled the necessary steps towards attracting investment to whatever business by following the right processes.