Who we are

We are a company dedicated to furnishing human capital with skills that are relevant to the needs of an SME.

Eleanor Thompson institute is positioned to reduce human capital skill deficiency in the country by carving a career niche and equipping more young graduates with skills that are relevant to the reality of the dictates and needs of the Nigerian Small Medium Scale Enterprise.
SME’s employ over 45 million of the population with the organized private sector (Banks, Multinationals, Oil & Gas) accounting for only 5,000,000,00 in the society.

Each year an average of 3,000,000 graduates are churned out of the university, but they lack the essential skills that are relevant to help them secure jobs that are viable.

With the SMEs being the biggest employer of labor EleanorThompson has found it necessary to bridge this gap by creating a portfolio that would help young graduates build their skill capacity and professionalize the skill set that is required by the SME in Nigeria.


The reality of the needs of SMEs is growing and requires good hands that will solve their business problems and help them position for growth through the structure. They say that people are our greatest asset, and therefore, the need for qualified hands cannot be overemphasized in strengthening SMEs.

The structure of a growing SME may not permit it to hire a full department of expert hands, and while the need for checks and balances cannot be overplayed, we are putting together a business solution manager and client experience manager for the same. These roles will help you develop a business structure without necessarily expending the cost required to put an expensive system in place. Reduce staff overheads. Then track the growth process, operate at a high level of efficiency, and help the business grow.

What we do

We build the character traits and relevant skills in young and growing graduates that are relevant to help them run the day-to-day operations of SMEs effectively and this, in turn, will enable SMEs to grow a proper business structure without spending the considerable cost of engaging the services of putting a structure in place.

Our business solution manager and client experience manager are highly qualified managers that have been equipped with the professional know-how that you need to keep your business running effectively and professionally. They will enable your business to run the business day to day activities while keeping proper records of the intricate details often business they will handle the basic operations, of the company while you deal with strategizing to allow your business to grow.

Our BSM are qualified in
Administrative role
Bookkeeping role
Human resource role
Client service Role
Service Excellence
Marketing sales and communication