We offer flexi solutions that enable growing businesses choose a business solution that is type fit for your business.


Choose from our excellent selection of BSM (Business Solution Manager) or CEM (Client/Service Experience Manager) to interview one of our trained professionals and start your growth process. Contact us on recruit@eleanorthompson.org to


We are available to offer training to your team in areas that will improve strength in commitments, Dedication, Follow through, Problem solving for efficiency and productivity. We are also happy to train them with our specialised training outline that is granted to help them start to produce the result you want. Contact us by Email on train@eleanorthompson.org.


Our retainer ship program gives you the registration option to receive the full benefits of our business solution program at a flat rate. We offer you a full year package that covers
Quarterly training on Service Excellence to maximise efficiency and increase profit for up to 25 team members.
Recruitment 3ce a year for up to 2 positions.
Consultations on strategies for increasing service quotient and create service manuals.
Interview for support staff once a year.
Service support for a year (to be specified on engagement)
Email us on retainership@eleanorthompson.org.