1. Eleanothompson SME Business Solution Managers are trained to
    Effectively manage the day to day operations of the company which includes but is not limited to
    1. Prepare monthly/weekly budget.
    2. Receive and take stock for storekeeping.
    3. Document all relevant sales activities.
    4. Manage facility.
    5. Manage store inflow and outflow.
    6. Prepare Email and other communications.
    7. Basic bookkeeping.
    8. Manage aspects of production.
    9. Implement plans for projects and production.
    10. Equipment management.
    11. Oversees daily sales.
    12. Oversee management of client interface with CER.
  2. Client/service experience managers/reps are equipped to
    1. Interface with clients through direct and indirect communication
    2. Receive and collate clients data in a timely manner
    3. Manage client experience with products and services of organisation.
    4. Keep clients abreast with events and new products and services
    5. Develop feedback strategy for company service improvement
    6. Adopt strategies for service recovery
    7. Develop long-term loyalty strategies for organisation.
    8. Follow through ohm managements service expectations
    9. Develop tools to measure impacts of goods and service on client experience.
    10. Communicate feedback and suggestions to management for effective response.
    11. Manage external and internal environment and ambience.

We have a faculty of highly experience experts who are passionate about strengthening the growth of small business who have acquired the relevant and practical fool proof business skills that helped them position their their businesses to structured and profitable organizations.

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