Eleanorthompson has brought together a team of highly qualified experrts in their area of expertise to create their curriculum.

Each faculty head has a minimum of 15 years experience in their field and have successfully heade department somultinational comapnys in Nigeria.

Izehi Anuge (Faculty head)

The MD/COO of EleanoThompson
She bagged her law degree in 1998 from the University of Benin and has since graduation run her businesses. Her passion for service and `excellence along with the inherent desire to make a difference and improve the quality of execution within people, led her to franchise with the British Butler institute with the aim of understanding how people adopted the maxim Dignity in labour and execute their skills with exceptional dedication service excellence and commitment. She began her service par Excellence pursuit in 2015 from there by offering training programs to young Nigerians with the aim of helping them refine and develop their personal capacity and teach them tochannel their abilities for the good of both themselves and their companys.

She has traines 360 youthcorpers on her cost, run training programs for young professionals, secured recruitment of quality team members to various companys and gone on since to launxh the National Service Excellence `initiative, and initiative tat creates a platform for stakeholders to focus on and creat strategies for holistic solutions to mediocre service standards. She recently launcche dthe Inspire excellence initiative that focuses on instilling Good national values, Develop character and disrupt the current eroded social ‘Me, Grab and Use” values epidemic within Gen Z.

A recent author of the Captain Excellence and the Great Hall of Knowledge An Approved book by State Universal Education Board (SUBEB) that focuses on teaching young children how to adopt basic character develppment skills in a fun way, and is currently beignn distributed in all public ptimary schools in lagos state.

Her wealth of experience as an entrepreneur has helped her develop courses that are relevant to creating a solution for the growing business with an outline that is fool proof and guaranteed to transform the capacity outcome of any trainee.

Mrs Winifred Mena Ajakpovi (Head of human capital development)

She is an astute and highly sort after HR manager with over 15 years experience. She has headed HR and talent development Department of companys like MTN, Nigeria Breweries, Smile communications and Shrem. Member of the Nigerian HR community with.