Our courses

  1. Values and effects on choices
    & Understanding organizational values
    Objective: this is a foundational (Manure) course that sets the tone for trainee to receive and retain information that will be imparted through the class. The course will help the trainee align their personal values with organization values and thereby ignite a strong affiliation for a win situation in the work place. It is guaranteed to reorient the mind-set, offer insight to the principles of work ethics and helps the trainee align their purpose of learning with the desire to excel.
  2. Interpersonal skill
    Objective: Communication is key to success. As we interface daily with each other, the need to properly articulate our message cannot be overemphasized. This course aims to help the trainee develop oral and written communication skills while mastering their emotions
    1. Communication
    2. Emotional intelligence
    3. Writing: Grammar structure
    4. Conflict management
    5. Team spirit
    6. Providing solutions
  3. Basic bookkeeping:
    Our basic bookkeeping course will take the trainee on the Single entry basic system that a company might use to record daily receipts or generate a daily or weekly report of cash flow.
    This course is aimed at teaching the trainee how to keep the essential financial records of the company. They will learn to record the financial transactions, Create a record of financial transactions that can be summarized for various uses, record inventory transactions, and receive stock with the use of Excel.
  4. Service tiers.
    This course will teach trainees the pillars of great service and retaining clients.
    3 Tiers of service.
    How to set, measure and manage delivery services.
    Customer relations.
  5. The language of a professional. The aim of this outline is to imbibe the right work ethics in the Business Solution Manager.
    Defying a professionals
    Mastering workplace ethics
    Building character
    Time management
    Setting goals and prioritizing
  6. Creative thinking (5 steps to breaking down a problem to bite sized actionable steps). This course will show the trainees how to manage complex problems by breaking them down to small bite sized and actionable steps through the scamper method.
  7. Sales and marketing.
  8. Every team member should be abreast with the importance of sales and our course is set to sensitize the trainee with the basic tools for marketing and generating sales. The trainee will go on a journey that explains the 4 P’s of marketing and sales.
  9. Corporate communications. Every product needs to be presented in a manner that is well received by potential clients. Our Corporate communication course will teach trainees how to master basic social media accounts corporately, teach them the importance of brand communication, show them the power od consistency and teach them how to use certain basic apps to communicate the company’s message.

Qualifications to apply

  1. B.sc, H.nd O.nd holder minimum of 2 years out of school.
  2. Desirous of jump starting a career.
  3. Solution driven.
  4. Self-motivated.
  5. Proficient in spoken and written English.