The National Service Excellence Initiative is an Initiative birth out of the need to improve Service quality across sectors in the country.

It started out as a 10-year sensitization program in 2017 and is founded by EleanorThompson, a company dedicated to providing foundational soft skill sets to help develop Character and Values for Service Par Excellence delivery.

The initiative focuses on character development and values orientation as the building block for outstanding performance. We believe in teaching people foundational Soft skills and Good values that will help them develop their character. We also believe that people with character strength and strong values tend to perform better and are better positioned to approach their work, career, business and personal life with a service and leadership consciousness. This right training we believe is bound to go a long way in eliminating mediocrity on many levels.

It is a long term and unconventional method, Owing to the fact that we are a continent of “Quick and Immediate” gratification. But we dare say that if we see the power of dealing with an issue from the root cause, it may take longer but it is guaranteed to solve a whole lot of social challenges.


Since the launch in October of 2017, we have moved on to the Education sector and we were privileged to launch the first in our series of books

“Captain Excellence and The Great Hall of Knowledge”

The books main focus is to teach children in a fun way how to uphold values that are beneficial to their personal growth. Our main focus is pupils in the public schools system. Why?

We are of the opinion that the children in the public school system are lagging behind in reference to the opportunity for personal growth and development.

Most of the children who pass out of this system end up occupying’s seats in the public or and private sector. The million-dollar question is what values are they emulating? Who is teaching them in structured ways informal capacity building? Undoubtedly poverty and underdevelopment go hand in hand and therefore, we cannot turn a blind eye to problems that are not directly at our doorstep. At the end of the day, we are all affected. They say you are only as strong as your weakest link.

We have been fortunate enough to secure the buy in of the State Universal Basic Education Board and have the rights to distribute the books to all public schools in the Lagos area.

And Our goal is to reach every public school in Nigeria, which we admit is a humongous task.

Thus far, we have successfully distributed to a few schools and we seek individuals and organizations that share in our beliefs to join us and carry every child along on this! 10-year transformation plan.

In 2019 we are focusing on the HORECA sector

Hotels Restaurants and Café sector.

We want to push for better service competition in this area and we look forward to the public joining in this year’s event.

Please share with us your best experiences as it regards

  • Food Quality
  • Staff Quality
  • Ambience
  • Friendliness
  • Attention to detail
  • Timing/speed
  • Cleanliness

Most outstanding features

Any other information that will help this sector move towards better service competition, in the hotels restaurants and cafes you visits.

Our aim is to improve and no criticize.

We thank you for your time and hope you follow us on this 10-year adventure towards reorienting mind-sets and hanging values, towards better Service delivery in Nigeria.

Save Your Spot For NSEI 2019, October 24th