Our Courses

Starter Kit For Profit Growth

  • Identify how to recruit and retain type fit service driven staff
  • Train your current staff to become type fit and service conscious
  • Teach your staff refined service strategies to grow sales by 33%
  • Learn how to develop effective, long lasting service excellence skills training programs for your team

Sustainable Growth Solution

We will

  • Manage your service recruitment and service training for up to 5 staff.
  • Offer 3 week intense training for  increased sales
  • Offer 3 month follow up consultation for setting service standards.
  • Creating the right environment

Power Profit Kit

  • We will manage your service training and service recruitment needs
  • We will offer training on developing service excellence skills for profit growth  to all department heads and team members on for up to 10 team members
  • Service training manual for on going in house training.
  • 1 year free membership for recruitment of professional, value driven service staff.

Basic Beginners Growth

We will train you on

  • Values and its effect on your choices
  • Laws of growth
  • Setting your goals
  • Service Excellence

Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Learn where conflict comes from.
  • Understand that conflict is not always a bad thing.
  • Identify the different steps of resolution
  • Identify the different styles of resolution
  • Remove emotion from the process
  • Discover how to deal with barriers to resolution
  • Learn how to build rapport quickly and how it reduces conflict
  • Develop communication skills to clearly and quickly facilitate resolution
  • Use NLP techniques to deal with stress, anger, and difficult people

    Refined Services

    We will give trainings on

    • Dinning etiquette
    • Elegant decorum
    • Greeting protocol
    • Right Attire

    Executive Personal Assistant

    • Become highly organised using smart, efficient systems
    • Manage time more effectively & strategically
    • Master prioritisation of time, complete all important tasks and help their manager do the same
    • Learn highly effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques
    • Empower themselves and become more proactive
    • Deal more effectively with their manager
    • Learn to take care of themselves & recognise the importance of doing so

    HORECA: Hospitality, Restaurants and Cafes

    We will train you on

    • Running An Effective Kitchen
    •  Drinks
    •  Parties and Events Planning/management
    •  Management
    • Finishing School for Concierge, Butlers, Hotel Supervisors, Restaurant Managers 
    •  Housekeeping

    Effective Communication

    We will help you:

    • Develop a foundation for successful communication
    • Remember and use names
    • Maximize memory skills & enhance relationships
    • Build self-confidence Put stress in perspective
    • Develop great relationships & motivate others
    • Clearly communicate ideas
    • Being audible
    • Disagree agreeably
    • Gain willing cooperation and influence others
    • Manage stress Develop more flexibility
    • Demonstrate leadership
    • Celebrate achievements & renew your vision

      Job Entry Starter Kit

      We will equip you with guaranteed strategies on

      • how to get your desired job
      • how to seek the best positions for the right amount
      • preparing for the right job interview
      • 6 proven techniques to keep you in your job

      Workplace Etiquette Solution

      • Learn the language of professional
      • Mind your speech and language
      • Effective communication tools
      • Self presentation
      • Composure and comportment

      Customer Service Kit

      • Creating the right expectation
      • Learn how to build the right expectation
      • Match the experience to the expectation

      Entrepreneurs’ Success Kit

      We will equip you with guaranteed strategies on

      • Meet successful entrepreneurs
      • Learn how to raise funds
      • Learn how to raise funds for your ideas
      • Master the art of selling your idea to investors
      • Become rich

      Skill Enhancement Kit

      We will teach you how to develop your vocational skills to an undeniable level of global excellence in

      • Digital Marketing
      • Web Design
      • Photography
      • Fashion Patterning
      • Dress Making
      • Candle Making
      • Leather Work
      • Automobile Diagnostics


      Our courses have proven to be over 70% effective in positively altering overall attitudes towards the workplace as well as the perception of individual obligations to the general society. we have successfully graduated 100s of corporate and young professionals in Service Excellence professionalism.