Our team

Our team of facilitators have come up with curriculum that is relevant to growth and development of multinationals and have created an outline that is guaranteed to develop the capacity of our BSM and SEMs

Experts have trained them in their field of expertise who have served in their capacity as heads of their various departments with a minimum of 10- 20 years of experience in that field.

How we solve this problem for young graduates and job seeker

We have created a business solution called the Business Solution Manager and Client Service Manager portfolio. Developing young graduates with the necessary skill that will help them secure jobs while providing exceptional services for a growing business.

We provide a curriculum that helps you jumpstart a career in the Organised private sector, Small Medium Scale Businesses and with entrepreneurs and individuals in the creative art, By furnishing you with the skills that are relevant to dictates of the private sector. The aim is to help you stay gainfully employed, create a career path to success, and enable you to add value in any organization while creating value for yourself.

We offer 15-day classes nine months of the year with classes, case studies, practical tools, creative simulations, research and development that is guaranteed to transform your capacity and stimulate your value quotient and get you employed as fast as possible.