We solve the problem of inefficiency, unproductivity, mediocrity and indifference in the work place. We use service excellence standards and soft skill development, to enable individuals and team members maximize their capacity and increase profit by 25%.


We offer practical, long term, transformational, affordable SERVICE EXCELLENCE training that develop skills for improving productivity, efficiency, service excellence standards and profitability. Our courses trigger professionalism as well as, ingenious and innovative methods for participants to

  • Think outside the service box when coping with internal problems that slow growth
  • Solve clients service problems that hinder efficiency
  • Provide practical service solutions to challenges that boarders on growth
  • Increasing profitability through service standards
  • Maintaining high standards on Service excellence culture,
  • Self manage to set and meet targets
  • With refinement that keeps the clients coming back.

Our Vision

To be globally acclaimed as the ‘go to’ service expert for training, consulting and recruitment, where there is a need to increase productivity, add value and drive a higher premium.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reform the service standards in Nigeria to be equal to international best practice and to reform the ethics in the workplace in order to boost productivity amongst individuals working within a “value adding” environment.

Our Assurance

We assure you of the highest standards on all our training programmes which are guaranteed to increase productivity. We also assure you of standards that will be specific and measurable, aligning the trainee with the organisation’s objectives in a manner which will augment the achievement of individual and corporate goals. 

Who We Serve

Team members

  • Offer training that develop a heightened sense of productivity in their performance.

  • Ensuring accountability of 10% growth in annual revenue.

  • Increasing problem solving capacity.


  • We create global best practice service excellence manuals

  • Create service excellence key performance indicators to benchmark staff productivity

  • We develop team building seminars, efficiency seminars as well as work place etiquette seminars


  • Offer training for workplace readiness and growth

  • Basics of Service Excellence

  • Teach positioning for professionalism for higher earning


Our courses have proven to be over 70% effective in positively altering overall attitudes towards the workplace as well as the perception of individual obligations to the general society. we have successfully graduated 100s of corporate and young professionals in Service Excellence professionalism.